Duri Once Upon a Dream Nail Collection! Pics, swatches and review

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This Duri Cosmetics whimsical palette of soft nail polish shades brings summer to life with colors that embody clear skies, pink sunsets, carnivals and carousels. Duri Cosmetics Founder Faina Ritz said, “The pigment-rich pastel palette isn’t meant to put you to sleep, but to dream big for long-lasting summer days and temperate nights.”  True, these lovely pastels do look like something a Disney Princess would wear. I enjoy bright summer shades too, but there is something about these ice cream colors –they are so delightful!


The Once Upon a Dream collection includes the following colors and since they remind me of ice cream, I’ll compare them to that too!

107S – CLOUD TRUE BLUE – a warm blue if there is such a thing. Cotton candy!


108S ­– PILLOW PINK –a medium baby pink–Pink bubblegum ice cream


19S – SOFT SLUMBER BLUSH – a pale true peach–an orange creamsicle


110S – LILAC DREAM – a pale lilac with pink undertones–the purple swirl in Baskin Robbins Wild n’ Reckless!


111S ­­– SLEEPING BEAUTY INDIGO – a periwinkle blue or blurple–Baskin Robbins Pop n’ Rock swirl!


112S – PIE IN THE SKY GREEN – a minty green with blue undertones-pistachio ice cream, my favorite!!



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L to R: Soft Slumber Blush, Lilac Dream, Cloud True Blue, Pillow Pink, Pie in the Sky Green and Sleeping Beauty Indigo.

All of the shades are a creamy opaque with an almost matte finish–you will definitely need a top coat if you want a glossy shine.  This is two coats but you could get away with one with the exception of Soft Slumber Blush–this was the only one I had streaking with and it didn’t cover as well as the rest of the shades. I’m not a great manicurist so I appreciate the self-leveling characteristic of Duri polish, it pretty much makes it goof-proof.

For my manicure this week, I chose Sleeping Beauty Indigo, a creamy periwinkle blue–a mix of blue and purple. This is two coats with a top coat of Color Club Wish Upon a Rock Star on my ring finger. Wish Upon a Rock Star is a glittery bunch of goodness. It makes me happy. Multi-colored glitter is suspended in a silver base–I absolutely love how it looks over Sleeping Beauty Indigo–it really brings out the blue glitter. I was tempted to do all my digits this way but refrained–don’t ask me why because I don’t know!

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2013-05-19 04.27.37 (480x360)

Bottom Line:  Not only are all Duri nail polishes completely safe,  but they are environmentally friendly and free from DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde and only $6!!  For more spring/summer nail trends, click here! 

Are you hungry for ice cream yet? I am!


Press Sample
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  1. Love pastel nail colors! I love what you did with the glittery polish as an accent nail!

  2. I love these!!!! I’m in the mood for shades like this. Your review is delicious!!!!!

  3. Ahh i love your comparisons to ice cream. All the shades are so pretty but I love the slumber blrush best

  4. definitely love those pretty pastels!