Dior Milly Garden Clutch: Review, Pics and Swatches

Dior’s Garden Party Spring 2012 Collection includes Milly Garden, an exquisite clutch and Nordstrom exclusive. The delicate pale pink clutch features a woven pattern, the Dior logo and two silver-plated rosebud clasps. The clutch is quite substantial with a heft to it. Inside there is a full size mirror, three eye shadows, two lip glosses and a double ended applicator. The glosses are covered with a silver flap so as not to mix with the powder products. This is rare in palettes and highly appreciated. I purchased the clutch in Milly Garden, cool toned blue/greys.

I will admit I purchased this mostly for the clutch. Last holiday season, Dior introduced the gorgeous Minaudiere clutch. I purchased it but then donated it to the Beauty Bloggers Auction for Doctors Without Borders so I wasn’t about to let this one get away.

The three eye shadows are clearly cool-toned:

  • an über pale shimmery pink–shimmery to the point of being frosty
  • a shimmery silver
  • a shimmery grey with a purple undertones


I’m disappointed in the pale pink shade–the good news is that there is no fallout, the bad news–it applied so sheer there is virtually no color to it. The silver shade is quite smooth and can look blue, silver or even lavender depending on your clothing and the lighting.  The grey shade is the standout of the palette–a charcoal grey with a decidedly purple undertone, it is more complex than it appears and makes a wonderful crease shade. It would also look fabulous for a sultry smoky eye. These are all cool toned shades. If you are warm toned, there is another palette, Granville Garden that has warm shades. Blushing Noir has a nice review.

Dior Milly Garden Clutch

Dior Milly Garden Clutch


The two lip glosses are the Dior Lip Maximizer (plumper) and a pale milky pink. The maximizer has a slight tingling effect but I don’t notice any actual plumping. I appreciate a nude lip but the look falls short on me– someone with more pigment to their lips can pull it off. These glosses are super duper soft–the brush sinks into them. Since my lips are so thin I like using a plumper but this one is not really practical for layering the accompanying gloss on top–they are too thin.

Overall Thoughts:  The clutch itself is gorgeous and feminine. I’m going to feel rich and girly when I pull it out of my Target handbag. It’s well made, of high quality and actually practical! However, in my opinion, the Dior Milly Garden Clutch Palette is not a must have. The only unique shade in the clutch is the mauvy-grey eye shadow but for most that is compelling enough for a $75 purchase. I used a Nordstrom note so I only paid $55 and I wanted this particular palette more as a collectors item than a makeup staple. I will use it of course, but not enough to warrant the full price of $75. Imma cheapo who tries to look expensive 🙂