Dior Constellation Eyeshadow Palette: Review, Pics and Swatches

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Purchased by me


Constellation is one of two 5 Colour Eyeshadow Palettes from Dior’s Mystic Metallic 2013 and a Nordstrom Exclusive.  Nordstrom says:

The iconic Lucky Star 5 Couleurs palette is embossed with Dior’s Lucky Star, eyeshadows shimmer with iridescence in shades of violet and silver.

The theme of the palette is classic purples with a few added bonuses. The embossed stars on four of the five eyeshadows add to the overall elegance of the palette. It is simply stunning. Constellation has five shades; a grey lavender, a shimmery golden beige/taupe, an eggplant, a shimmery plum and a frosty pale pink/lilac. All the shades play together beautifully. If you have never tried beige golds and purples together, trust me with this palette it can be  breathtaking.

Originally I resisted this stunner because I thought it was too similar to Stylish Move, but I was wrong. It DOES happen you know, albeit rarely 🙂 Constellation is much warmer than Stylish Move and less red based.

From the top left corner–the grey lavender shade is my favorite–it has a satin finish and it very soft and flattering. Moving clockwise, the beige/taupe has a metallic finish and the most glitter in the palette. When applying always use a primer and pat on instead of using the “windshield wiper” technique to avoid fallout. In the center is the frosty pale pinkish lilac, the least pigmented of the palette and best for used to highlight. Next is the eggplant shade with a satin finish, it’s nicely pigmented with no red undertone. Finally in the lower left corner is a beautiful shimmery plum with sparkle–it seemed a bit drier than the rest. I use this shade in the crease for a smoky eye or wet as a liner.

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Left to right: grey lilac, beige/taupe, eggplant, plum, pale pink/lilac.

Constellation is limited edition, retails for $61 and is available exclusively at Nordstrom and Nordstrom.com

Bottom Line: this palette truly is exceptional and is wonderful for a soft romantic look or a sexy, sultry eye. The palette is of high quality and the shades work together beautifully.


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Purchased by me