Cellnique Paramedical Skincare – Anti-Aging Specifically for Over 40 Women!


Here is another brand to add to your anti-aging arsenal.  Cellnique Paramedical is a brand out of Malaysia has an incredible line called Reversal that contains diamond and platinum powder. Wowza! These products are specifically designed for over 40 and even over 50 women!!

By focusing on providing effective and results-proven beauty solutions to its exclusive salon partners and customers, Cellnique Paramedical is the first paramedical salon brand in South East Asia and the expert in problematic skin that will turn your complexion from inside out to flawless, radiant skin.

If you’re not sure which products to try, you can take the skin diagnosis here. The products that were recommended for me (aging skin) are  Reversal Diamond EGF Drops ($63) and the Reversal Platinum Cream ($93). I’ve been using these products for about four weeks with nice results.


Cellnique Reversal Diamond EGF Drops contains a rare formula containing Nano Diamond and Nano Platinum powder, helping to reinforce the skin’s resilience and replenish moisture. Combined with biotechnological aFGF (Fibroblast Growth Factor) and EGF (Epidermis Growth Factor), Reversal Diamond EGF Drop helps counteract signs of aging and reignite youthful luminosity.


• Strengthens the collagen network
• Boosts the skin defense against aging factors
• Prevents skin from thinning
• Improves elasticity
• Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
• Antioxidant

I was a bit skeptical when I saw how thick this serum is and at first glance how oily it looked. Once it’s on the skin though, it feels wonderful and is extremely hydrating. I spend a little time massaging the serum into my face and neck–it takes a bit of time to fully absorb. It feels absolutely incredible and leaves my skin very hydrated, soft and supple. My skin has been dry from testing another brand and I needed a big drink of water for my skin. I got just that from these drops. I found this to be an excellent serum to use before moisturizing for that added hydration boost. This is a perfect serum for over 40 women with hyperpigmentation, dry and/or aging skin.


Cellnique Reversal Platinum Cream helps decelerate aging signs by deeply nourishing skin and sealing moisture in. Its Nano-Platinum powder works well to enhance the cellular healing process while Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 softens wrinkles. With the additional multiple essential amino acids that provide hydration, Reversal Platinum Cream brings about a rejuvenated state with an improved elasticity and softness.

I also love the texture of this cream–it’s got a whipped consistency that is rich but absorbs well. It’s meant for skin that is drier and focuses on keeping wrinkles and fine lines at bay–just what I need! This deeply moisturized my skin without making my T-Zone shiny later on in the day. My skin feels soft, hydrated and supple. One of the claims for this cream is that it provides a firming and lifting effect. After four weeks of use, I didn’t notice any firming or lifting, however my skin is very soft and hydrated which are the results I was really after.

Packaging is simple, classic and sturdy which is good because these products ship from Asia. Pricing may seem a bit indulgent, but these are high quality products that I would consider in the luxury category. I’m only half way through the cream so I’m sure it will last at least two months.

Prime Beauty Grade: B   I’m quite impressed with Cellnique, I love that they concentrate on the over 40 woman! The products feel great and seem to be effective.

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  1. I love reading about skincare for older women. My mom is getting older and ALWAYS complains about her skin! It’s nice to have different options to share with her.

  2. Sharon Siqueiros says:

    Thanks for the honest review!!

  3. The Diamond Drops sound like they would be great for night time when I enjoy using thicker products.


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  2. […] to have found a skincare line designed specifically for over 40 woman! Read her review of two of Cellnique’s key […]