Carmex Limited Edition Moisture Plus Collection Giveaway!

Carmex, your favorite healing lip balm has a new look! The Carmex Limited Edition Moisture Plus collection is made up of four graphic printed lip balms to highlight the trendier side of Carmex. Each design comes with a card to explain the personality trait which inspired that design.

Carmex LE Moisture Plus Lip Balms

These new designs still have that fabulous original Carmex formula, but are divided into four unique personality styles: Chic, Fab, Adventurous or Whimsical. Go to the Uniquely You Personality Quiz and see what your style is! I took the test and my style was Chic which is spot on and I was immediately drawn to the Houndstooth design that represents the Chic style! Taking the quiz was fun and these cute designs are too. They make a great stocking stuffer, gift exchange gift or you could even use one or all on a package!

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Bottom Line: Fashionably fun and practical too!

Enter to win a limited edition set of the darling Carmex Limited Edition Moisture Plus Collection for yourself or a friend! To enter, answer this question in the comments: If you could design a custom design to suit your unique personality what would it look like and what would it be called? To gain additional entries, complete the tasks in the Rafflecopter widget! Contest is US only–must be over 18 to enter.

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  • Ashley Weaver

    I would have a case with hearts and rainbows and owls, the scent would be called razzamatazz and it would fruity and berry.

  • Mary W

    Mine would have cute cows and be called Over The Moon.

    • Awww, that sounds cute!

  • Susan P.

    My design would be Artsy Fartsy and have lots of colors and patterns.

  • Casey Mclendon

    Ha cute ideas! Mine just has to sparkle! Sparklicious! I have a small obsession with lip balms and glosses!

  • phxbne

    mine would be daisies!

  • Heather USA (Rafflecopter: Rosie Areola)

    Since I moved from the UK to the US to marry my Hubby, my design would have be a mix of the British & American Flags along with some lips and lipstick for my love of makeup ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • jess

    i would have all black! my favorite color! its a classic, sleek color!

  • Lori

    So CUTE!! mine would be Dr Green with Gold and Silver flourishes for holiday festiveness!

  • Rebecca Cash

    Black with pink skulls. “Slick Chick Stick”

  • Trezlen

    It would be black background with deep red lips all over and called “My Lady Mistress.”

  • Erica K

    mine would be covered in stars and galaxies and be called “dreamer”!

    • I’m loving all these cute names and designs

  • Violet

    Mine would have bows all over it and be called girly girl

  • Tracy Melhinch

    Mine would be tie dye and peace signs…it would be called peace out!!

  • Mine would have lipstick tubes all over it and be called “Primp On.”

  • Rachel

    Mine would be called “Geek Chic.” I’m a science teacher and lover of all thing nerdy. If I could decorate it, I’d choose bright colored, cartoony molecules and laboratory equipment.

  • Mai

    I would do a quilted aqua with gold accents and called it Luxe

  • Mine would totally be space themed, very hipster-ish with nebulas all over the place

  • Melissa Franco

    Mine would definitely have some kind of floral elements to the design and I’d probably called it blooming beauty!

  • Jen G.

    Mine would be white with suns on it I would call it sunshine smile.

  • Joanna

    Mine would be a geometric graphic print called “chaotic”. The way I feel everyday after picking my kids up from school.

  • Never would’ve those those cuties were from Carmex! Love ’em

  • My unique design would be my favorite pink tube with little red hearts because I’m a heart lover & collector plus my fave colors. Name: Perpetual Valentine Lips. Can’t remember if you wanted anything else!

  • Sui Ling

    I think mines would be silver and black….something sleek and classy that I can toss in my clutch going out at night and it still looks classy…..something that looks expensive so I wouldn’t have to spend like 50 bucks for a pricey lipstick hehe….I’d want a light fruity scent to it too ๐Ÿ™‚

  • onegreatssmile

    Mine would be mirrored all the way around, because it would reflect everything around me. Your friends are mirrors of you. I have amazing friends, so why not be reminded to be a good person every time I make my lips softer?

  • Jeanie

    Mine would be be muave with gold flecks and scented pomegranate.

  • patricia caradonna

    My design would have cute little chawawa heads all over. It would smell and taste like vanilla cinnamon.

    • Vanilla cinnamon sounds yum!

  • Sharoyne

    I would have flowers all over.

  • Jackie

    My case would be a shiny gunmetal color, and it would be called Protector.

  • Kimi

    I would call mine, Keep The Faith. It would have blingy crosses, lipstick kiss marks

  • cris

    My design would be Abstract Art. The kind that make you think and take a second look. Much like the carmex brand. You take a second look and find the right product for you. I would have to call it ‘Imagine The World’

  • amybelle2001

    Mine would be black lined with gold and be called “Classic Amy”

  • Lynn D

    Mine would have a beach scene on it and I would call it Beach Baby.

  • Ohhh its so hard to choose!!! But they are all adorable!!

  • Julie B.

    Mine would have pretty vintage type designs like roses, bows, fleur de lis on it in pink and black and I’d call it Vintage Glam.

  • Ice!