Cargo Land Down Under Eye Shadow Palette!

Cargo palette

Purchased by me

Australia is on my bucket list to visit. It conjures up images of surf, sand, the Barrier Reed, the famous Opera House of Sydney and koala bears. The land is diverse and exotic. Until my budget allows a trip, I will be content with the Cargo Cosmetics Land Down Under Eye Shadow Palette ($34). The palette is inspired by the fabled sights and beaches of Australia. The palette features sunburnt browns and golds that flatter all skin-tones along with cool toned shades in ocean-hued blues and a bright foliage green to add pops of color!

2016-04-09 03.04.37

This lovely palette contains six matte and six shimmer shades, a very nice and usable dual-ended brush and a black eyeliner pencil. As I mentioned before, the mix of colors and finishes should appeal to neutral lovers as well as those who like bright shades.

Shades are:

  • Joey – Tan Matte
  • Beach – Pale Gold Shimmer
  • Suntan – Medium Pink Brown Shimmer
  • Opera – Pale Beige Matte
  • Koala – Medium Yellow Brown Matte
  • Sand – Gold Shimmer
  • The Rocks – Medium Red Brown Matte
  • Bridge – Deep Brown Gold Shimmer
  • Domain – Green Shimmer
  • Manly – Turquoise with Slight Shimmer
  • Bondi – Deep Cobalt Blue Shimmer
  • Ferry – Deep Brown Matte with Purple Undertone

I’m going to break the shades into quarters so you can get a closer look.

Joey, Beach, The Rocks an Bridge

Joey, Beach, The Rocks an Bridge

Joey, Beach, The Rocks, Bridge

Joey, Beach, The Rocks, Bridge

Joey is hard to see in swatches because it blends so well with my skin tone. Joey heavily swatched in this picture. Joey makes a great transition shade between other shades. Beach is a pretty, shimmery yellow gold, The Rocks is a matte medium brown with definite burgundy undertones and looks great in the crease or as a liner. Bridge is one of my favorite shades in the palette: it is a rich, shimmery brown with a gold sheen–great for a brown smoky eye.

Suntan, Opera, Domain & Manly

Suntan, Opera, Domain & Manly

Suntan, Opera, Domain & Manly

Suntan, Opera, Domain & Manly

Suntan, a shimmering bronze with peachy undertones is another favorite of mine–it really makes eye sparkle and brings them forward. If you have blue or green eyes, this will be your favorite too! Opera is great for an all over wash, I’ve also been using it for the brow bone. Domain is a happy surprise! It’s a gorgeous shimmery spring green–not too dark an not too light and it plays well with all the other shades in the palette. Manly is satin turquoise I love in the crease or as a liner.

2016-04-09 04.01.30

For this look I used Opera on the brow bone, Beach on the inner corner and first third of the eye, Domain on the lid and under the lower lash line and Ferry to line.

Koala, Sand, Bondi and Ferry

Koala, Sand, Bondi and Ferry

I have to apologize for this picture, beauties. The ones I took before I dug into the palette didn’t come out well so I have to retake them and I had already used the palette.

Loala, Sand, Bondi & Ferry

Koala, Sand, Bondi & Ferry

Koala is a matte medium brown with yellow undertones, Sand is a shimmery gold, Bondi is a gorgeous shimmery medium blue and Ferry is a matte deep brown with purple undertones.

Cargo eye 2

For this eye look, I used Opera on the brow bone, Beach on the lid, Suntan in the crease, Bondi to line the upper lash line and Manly to line the lower lash line.

Now let’s talk about the packaging. How beautiful is the outer sleeve? The depiction of the Sydney Opera Center is stunning and the colors are stunning. The palette itself is a heavy weight white cardboard with a swirl design. Th palette includes a Cargo black eyeliner. While I appreciate the thought, I am so sick of brands including a black eyeliner, is there ANYONE that doesn’t already have a black liner??? However, the brush is NOT a throw away like so many included in palettes these days. One end is flat for use on the lid and the other end is more rounded that is made for the crease.

Cargo 4

2016-04-09 02.55.53

When I purchased this from Ulta Beauty, they were running a gift with purchase so I also got a deluxe sample of Boundless Lashes Mascara. I’m not super impressed with this mascara but it does do a fabulous job of separating lashes with it’s spiny brush. Also included was a mini Cargo Swimmable Eyeliner in a peachy gold shade. I don’t know that I will use this often because I prefer darker eyeliner to define my eyes. I do believe this shade may have been discontinued because it is not available at Ulta or

2016-04-09 03.00.51

Cargo pool

Bottom Line:  The Cargo Land Down Under Eye Shadow Palette is a dream to use, all the shadows are creamy soft and blend will with one exception: Ferry is a bit harder in texture and slightly harder to blend. Overall though, this an amazing palette! The quality is definitely there and the selection of shades and finishes is stunning– PLUS, $34 for 12 shadows, a double ended brush and a full size eyeliner is an  incredible value! This is a purchase I will not regret!

  • J-Man and MillerBug

    All of those colors look absolutely beautiful. Looks like you get a lot of bang for your buck with all the different colors you have here.

    • Yes! There are so many combinations to be made!

  • I liked this palette, too, but I hated the eyeliner. I had so much fallout from it, which I’ve never had from an eyeliner before. The coppery/golden shades are gorgy-gorge on your blue eyes.

    • I wish brands would stop putting black eyeliner in palettes. Who doesn’t have a black liner?

  • TinaBowling

    Love all the shimmer shades here! Beach would be my favorite.

  • I like the fact that it has four shades that go well together, and each set fits your mood for the day too. If you feel like wearing neutral shades you have choices for that, if you want to go with lots of colors, there’s an option as well. It’s perfect!

    • I totally agree! It makes this palette so versatile!

  • This palette looks so incredibly beautiful! I love the look you did with Manly on the lower lash line!

    • Thanks Kat! I know I will use this a lot this spring & summer.

  • My daughter would love this palette. She’s into this kind of stuff but she uses Naked. I’m going to share this one with her and see if she’s interested.

  • I really like that first eye look you put together! The shimmering colors in this palette are very pretty.

  • Ashley

    I love that even the brighter shades were over powering or cartoonish, this palette looks super versatile.

  • LOVE! I have loads of Aussie pals and love the shade names here. I am going to buy this instead of waiting forever for the Peach palette. HOW did I miss this! I never miss a Cargo palette *kicks self and runs off to buy.

    • It kind of flew under the radar–I saw it in an Ulta flyer.

  • marciaf

    Very pretty colors that are perfect for an Australian theme.

  • FabZilla_Kath

    Great palette. Cargo is one of those underrated brands. I need to check out this palette

  • drooling over this palette! love the combos of matte and shimmers! that brush looks good too!

    • The brush is really great which usually is not the case in palettes.

  • Nicole Cochingco Escat

    I like all the colors. I want to have these. I’m such a addicted to palette.

    • I love palettes too–so easy to create looks with them!

  • Shannon Graham

    Beautiful colors that would be perfect for all the beach weddings coming up. The right eye shadow color can make all the difference for that special day.

  • TheNewClassy

    Manly and Bondi make me think of the Caribbean sea! What a gorgeous palette of colors.

    • That’s exactly what I think of too, it makes me want to go on vacation!

  • Those bronzes are AMAZING!

  • Nikki

    So cute colors! That Palette is really amazing. Glad you shared it! Thanks.

  • mail4rosey

    I’m really liking these shimmer shades. The green looks nice under your eye too.

    • I love the green shade–it’s the perfect hue!

  • Beeb Ashcroft

    The texture of the eye shadow is so important. The colors can be amazing and the package beautiful but the creamy softness is the selling point for me 🙂

  • Beach and Bridge colors are stunning!

  • Lisa Marie Heath

    Beach is a “me” color! Beautiful palette!

  • Stephanie Pass

    I haven’t worn blue eyeshadow in a long time, but I love those two colors. I love the Beach color as well. So pretty!

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  • Coralie

    I love this pallet. I like how you used the brighter bolder colors as a liner! I need to try that.

  • I recently got this pallet but found that Beach was really chalky and glittery. Am I the only one with this problem, or did I get a bad batch?

  • Rose J.

    I discovered this palette yesterday and have already ordered it today. These colors are gorgeous and I couldn’t resist. Can’t wait for Ulta to deliver my package — “Please Mr. Postman!”

  • Such beautiful palette, I am loving how diverse the colours are and the pigmentation is just awesome