CARGO Cosmetics Emerald City Eyeshadow Palette for Fall/Holiday 2017!

The new Limited Edition CARGO Emerald City Eyeshadow Palette ($34) stole my attention and my heart in an instant. Each season, Cargo Cosmetics journeys to a different destination to highlight the brand’s travel-friendly packaging. This palette pays homage to the culture of the Emerald City, otherwise known as Seattle. I have a long standing love affair with Seattle for several reasons. It’s the closest metropolitan city to my home and I’ve spent a lot of time there. My ex-husband proposed to me there and my daughter lived there for 5 years so I visited often.

Perhaps you’re wondering why Seattle is called the Emerald City. There are no emerald jewels lying around in the forest and it looks nothing like the Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz. The city got its moniker because of the lush greenery that fills the city and the surrounding areas year round. In fact, Washington is known as the Evergreen State.

Which brings me to the packaging. I have to admit I’m disappointed. I don’t know what gold Christmas Ornaments have to do with Seattle except that one of them has a silhouette of the Space Needle in it. I realize that this is a Fall/Holiday release, but with one of the most beautiful landscapes in the country, Cargo chooses ornaments to adorn the palette? How about the snow covered caps of Mount Rainier, Lake Union, Puget Sound, Pike Place Market, the Space Needle, even a Starbucks sign would be more indicative of Seattle. Either the graphic artists at Cargo know nothing about the city or were asleep when designing the cover of the palette.

Thankfully, the 12 shade names make up for the lackluster cover and are all descriptive of Seattle. The eyeshadows are a mix of neutrals, gold highlights and a profusion of greens. The palette is laid out in 3 coordinated quads and 6 duos making it easy to create a multitude of day and night looks.

The shades are:

  • Northwest – shimmery ivory
  • Ferry – matte tan
  • Space Needle – matte greige
  • Yakima – shimmery taupe
  • Seaport – satin matte seafoam green
  • TheHill – shimmery jade green (we’re talkin’ the beautiful Capital Hill)
  • Lake Union – shimmery coppery gold
  • Pier 52 – shimmery bronze. Pier 523 is the where the ferry terminal is located.
  • Pike Place – shimmery mid brown (the famous Pike Place Market)
  • Coffee – matte rich, deep brown
  • Mt. Rainier – shimmery mossy green
  • Fremont – shimmery emerald green ( a fun neighborhood in Seattle)

I’m going to swatch the colors in the quads that were suggested. All swatches are on bare skin with no primer.

Quad #1 – Northwest, Ferry, Lake Union & Pier 52.

Northwest is a great shade for highlighting, Ferry works as a transition color, Lake Union is gorgeous coppery gold that works for lid or crease and Pier 52 is a stunning bronze. Here’s how  I’ve used quad #1. Northwest on brow bone and inner corner, Lake Union on the lid, Ferry as a transition from Lake Union to Pier 52 as the crease shade. I used the Cargo Limited Edition Swimmables Eye Pencil Kit (review here) with Pebble Beach on the top lash line and Shelly Beach under the lower lash line. I love every one of these shades, they are ‘my’ colors. My sister even said she liked my eyes when I was wearing these shadows and believe me, she never notices a thing!

Quad #2 – Space Needle, Yakima, Pike Place and Coffee. Space Needle is a matte greige (mix of beige and gray), Yakima is a gorgeous shimmery taupe, Pike Place is a spectacular shimmery mid-brown, just the color of my favorite Market Spice tea that is found at Pike Place and Coffee is deep brown like a cup of Joe (not a latte) from the original Starbucks of course!

For this look

Quad #3 – Seaport, TheHill, Mt. Rainier & Fremont. I love the neutrals in this palette but I have to admit the green shades are what really captured my heart.

Seaport is the prettiest matte light seafoam green, TheHill is a lovely shimmery jade green, Mt. Rainier is a mossy green, a color you see in the foliage and Fremont is an emerald green.

I’m really, really enjoying this palette. The colors are rich with great color payoff and they are long lasting. The texture is very soft, they will kick up a bit of powder so make sure to tap off your brush. The stiffer the brush, the more powder it will produce so use a soft bristle brush. The palette does come with a double-ended flat brush but for me, it’s a bit too stiff–still, it’s useable. For those that need inspiration, the quad layout is perfect but you can also mix and match to create custom looks.

The limited edition Cargo Cosmetics Emerald City Collection also includes a Swimmables Eye Pencil Kit for $25 reviewed yesterday. I also heard that for the first time in the brand’s history, Cargo will include an Emerald City Blockbuster Palette in their Fall/Holiday offering. Packaged in a deep green palette with a gold ornamental design, the collection of 44 eye shadow shades features a wide range of trendsetting hues for $39.

The collection can be found at, select Kohl’s stores and HSN.

What do you think of the Emerald City Eyeshadow Palette?

  • Jeanine

    Beautiful colors and when I saw the Northwest color I thought about highlighting too. Would like to try them!

  • Heather

    I’m a sucker for basically any holiday makeup collection—packaging always gets me! But I agree the cover should have been more Seattle/ less Christmas. Either way those greens are dreamy 🙂

  • Melissa Chapman

    Once again beautiful palettes and eyeshadow. I love the Emerald City idea and will look for it when I purchase eyeshadow. I think I will look for the neutrals so understated.

  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    Wow, those greens are the best, and they look great on you! Such a wonderful evening look in greens for a change

    • I think you would really like this palette Allison!

  • I LOVE this!!! Everything about it is gorgeous and of course the theme of Emerald City has me like yassssss!

    • I totes agree! These greens would be fab on you!

  • This pallet is stunning! I love all of the beautiful greens, and I don’t really have anything with those colors in it.

    • I don’t have many greens either, that’s what drew me to this palette!

  • I wouldn’t mind picking up a palette either, it looks really beautiful! I love the pigmentation as well. The color combinations that you made are really nice!

  • marciaf

    Those are really beautiful shades. I would pick that up too. Maybe Kohl’s wants me to come shop!

    • It’s on sale for $29 at HSN, wish I would have known that before I bought it!

  • donna

    I’m a sucker for makeup of any kind. These eyeshadow colors are perfection and they look great on you! I may have to pick up this palette!

  • Rachel

    I have only ever tried a lipgloss by Cargo. Thanks for the review. I love a good eyeshadow pallet.

  • Beautiful selection of shades in that palette

  • Oh, boy. This is my kind of palette! I own a Cargo blush that I really like, I think that it’s time to add a shadow palette to the family.

    • This is one of my best purchases this year!

  • I don’t get the design of the box but I do love it. Green and gold has always been a lovely combination. And then you open the box and it gets even better! The colors are amazing!

  • Fremont looks very pretty! I like Cargo eyeshadows and I might consider buying this palette.

  • The green is so smoky and pretty. Perfect for fall! I’ve never been great at applying darker eyeshadow colors but love this look. Fortunately my 14-year-old is quite a little make up artist. Maybe she can help me recreate this beautiful look.

    • Actually there are instructions that come with the palette!

  • Holy crap what a beautiful palette! Even the packaging is gorgeous! I need to get my hands on one!

  • Amber Nelson

    Oh for awesome! I love to experiment with new colors. I love the color combos you did!

  • Julie B.

    Oh you look gorgeous in these shades. Those greens, wow! As a resident of Western Washington, I agree about the cover. How hard would it have been to have a mountain scape, the space needle, and maybe the ocean with salmon swimming. That’s how I see Seattle.

  • Such a pretty collection of colors. I love when a palette has a bit of shimmer . . . perfect for the Holidays!

    • I love that the shimmer isn’t over the top.

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  • Reesa Lewandowski

    This would make a great stocking stuffer around the holidays! I absolutely love the colors in this and how each is just slightly shimmery and not overdone.

  • This is so pretty and I love the festive case. I think these would make perfect stocking stuffers for family.

  • Lisa Marie Heath

    I really like the colors here! The greens with the neutrals is a nice way to do it, usually it’s purples or all neutrals mixed in!

    • I love the surprising addition of the greens–that really makes it true to Seattle.

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  • Shelley Polarbelle

    That’s a beautiful set of colors….makes me nostalgic for my early 20s…kicking around the PNW

    • I haven’t been in Seattle for a couple of years, I need to get over there again.

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  • This is PERFECT for this Washington girl! It looks lovely on you. They nailed this.

  • Miki Nyckel

    Seattle is apparently the American sister city to mine (I’m in Canada). I long to visit! I have flown in and stayed in the airport for a few hours lol, and I loved the view during descent! It is on my radar of places to stay in the very near future. And obvs I will be hitting up the orignal starbucks.That’s a given. This palette looks nice!

    • Are you in BC? It’s beautiful there too!

      • Miki Nyckel

        Close! I’m in AB. But indeed, it sure is beautiful there, and here. We have the mountains and BC has the ocean. 😊

  • K Davis

    I love the green, and it looks great with your eyes.