Buxom City Slickers Lip Gloss Set- I’ll Tell You A Secret!!!

Since I am the self-anointed “gift whisperer,” I feel it my duty to share some of my secrets in the hopes that you too,  may someday achieve Gift Whisperer status—or close to it.

Secret #1

Giving the gift of gloss is always a winner for the recipient and a no-brainer for the gifter.  Women of all ages love gloss—period.  Okay, so it’s not such a huge secret—just go with it.

Secret #2

Finding the perfect lip gloss set is easy with Bare Escentuals Buxom City Slickers.  This mini lip color collection features four Big & Healthy Lip Sticks and four Big & Healthy Lip Polishes.

The Big & Healthy Lip Sticks can be used as a lip liner or fill in and top with one of the glosses for a plumping effect. The colors in the set are:

  • Bombay (poppy rose)
  • Vienna (pink lilac)
  • Fresno (blackberry wine)
  • Marrakech (beige nude)

Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Polishes are infused with vitamins E and A and have a tingly mint sensation to give your pucker some extra oomph. Lip polish shades are:

  • Michelle (raspberry rose)
  • Denise (cool pink)
  • Brandi (candied plum)
  • Amber (washed peach)

In clinical trials for Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Polish:
-86% of women experience an immediate increase in lip fullness.
-75% of women felt lip moisture increased.
-96% of women were satisfied with the overall improvement in the their lips.

In clinical trials for Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Stick:
-90% of women felt their lips were more supple while using Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Stick.*
-80% of women claimed that Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Stick fulfilled their lip needs in every possible way.*
*Based on independent consumer tests

Secret #3

The beauty of the City Slicker collection is that the combinations are only limited by your own imagination! I played with the set a bit and found my favorite combo is Bombay Lip Stick with Amber Lip Gloss over it. The other good news? The Lip Sticks are soft and creamy with a very slight minty tingle which makes a great base for gloss AND keeps the gloss from feathering. A must for us over 40 women! Don’t know if you’ve noticed–but I never do reviews of lip pencils because I don’t use them–they always look fake on me and I hadn’t found a brand that actually worked– until Lip Sticks!! These are not waxy like most lip pencils I’ve tried and with the sheer shimmery glosses on top, they create a pretty, shiny color saturated lip that doesn’t feather!

Left to right: Bombay/Michelle, Vienna/Denise, Fresno/Brandi and Marrakech/Amber.

Bombay Lip Stick and Amber Lip Gloss

Bottom Line: the Buxom City Slickers set packs a whole lotta lip looks in a little package. The shades included–warm coral red, cool pink, berry wine,  and nude beige provide a good basic lip wardrobe. Get creative by adding the shimmering glosses in endless combinations and you’ve taken basic to Oh la la!  Oh and these lip sticks and glosses really DID plump my pucker, whereas every other product I tried failed. Retails for $39 on Sephora.com

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  1. I have one of those lip sticks that I like a lot. They are easy to wear on their own too.

  2. Terri VanderMeyden says:

    Bombay/Michelle combo is my favorite!

  3. Fresno & Brandy is my favorite color combo!

  4. The Bombay/Michelle is my favorite combo. But, I have to say, the others look promising. I love pretty lipsticks, especially ones that plump me up!

  5. My favorite color combo would be the Bombay/Michelle!

  6. Darcy Bishop says:

    Bombay/Denise —I love Buxom!


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