Burberry Makes the Jump Across the Pond!

I am so excited for Burberry Beauty! First of all, it is made to be classic not trendy, second, I adore the Nova check pattern, third, the only thing Burberry that I own (and it’s not even mine, it belongs to my daughter) is a Burberry Teddy Bear complete with a Nova check bow tie. I have relatives in England and when my daughter was born, they sent her the classic Burberry Teddy Bear. It’s pretty beat up now and has a pink heart on it’s chest in marker designed by some busy little hands. When asked why Burberry Teddy had a pink heart colored on his chest, my 3-yr old explained said “it’s his tatoo.” I would take a picture for you but he’s in storage. I digress. Let’s get to more grownup endeavors.

The iconic British fashion house Burberry announced last fall it would launch a cosmetics line in 2010. Well beauties, it will appear in select Nordstom stores this month!  The 96-piece collection, will consist of foundations, powders, bronzers, lipsticks, eye shadows and more.  Burberry Beauty, is designer Christopher Bailey’s vision of a modern English rose- type woman. The colors were inspired by the label’s classic trench coat and by the moody hues of the British climate. “The Burberry girl wears just a trace of makeup — no crazy eyes or crazy lips,” he says. “Makeup should enhance women, not just cover up what they perceive as flaws.”  “I liked the idea of taking the trenchcoat and the weather as the two things that influence and define the colors,” said Bailey. “You’ve got the naturals from the trenchcoats and from the weather you’ve got these beautiful stormy grays and stormy blues. Then, when the sun comes out, you’ve got this glow and you’ve got lighter tones, as well. “says Mr. Bailey.

The line will range from $24 to $59 in price and will introduce new products on an impromptu basis instead of seasonal collections at regular time periods. I hope this means no limited editions! “We don’t want to follow the same rules as the others. We’re happy doing it our own way … When we feel it needs a new pop of something, we will start adding things and that will all flow with fashion, as well,” added Bailey.

Emma Watson in a Burberry Trench Coat

Bailey told WWD: “It started because I felt that, at shows and the shoots, the whole attitude is epitomized through the shoes, the bags, the clothes, the accessories, but then the face was the one thing I really struggled with. When we were doing makeup, I felt like we weren’t able to get the right attitude. It was either caked-on makeup or then just the wrong colors, the wrong tones, the wrong spirit for makeup. I wanted it to be this kind of effortless elegance. Like the trenchcoat, it can be worn anywhere and at any time.”

The trench theme is recurring throughout the collection, down to the details. Its beige outer cartons are reminiscent of the coat’s fabric, while the packaging itself is etched with the brand’s signature check plaid.  The ad campaign features models Lily Donaldson, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Nina Porter sporting Burberry trenchcoats. Multiple versions of the ad were shot, with each image incorporating a different makeup focus.

Let’s recap:

  • Classic subdued colors
  • No “crazy eyes or lips”
  • Elegant packaging
  • Prices comparable with other luxury brands
  • “Effortless Elegance”
  • Ideal for the over 40 woman!!!

I’m on board, how ’bout you? For more pics and a details on each individual product, go to Temptalia’s blog.

Are you excited about Burberry Beauty? Will you try it? Let me know in the comments!!

  • Ammie

    Very excited about this debut.  You know I will try some colors and products for sure!

  • Love burberry products. From the perfumes and makeup, I’m totally an addict.
    .-= Scorpion Tatoo´s last blog ..The Power of the Scorpion Tatoo =-.

  • I like Emma Watson, I think she is so beautiful!