Boscia Make-Up Breakup Cleansing Oil

Boscia is quickly becoming a favorite skincare line of mine, but even I have to admit I was a little afraid of using a cleansing oil. Oil to cleanse? Haven’t I been trying all these years to reduce the oil on my skin? Thanks to menopause I have dried up a bit which I’m grateful for, but I was still very leery of using an oil on my face.

However, I am a changed woman–for me there are two huge advantages to using Boscia Make-Up Breakup Cleansing Oil ($26).

  1. 1. It takes ALL my makeup off–including stubborn waterproof mascara, eye liner and hard-to-remove sunscreen. This saves me a step at night and I like saving time–the more time to watch trash TV.

2. The oil doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight or stretched and leaves NO residue behind.
So here’s the way it works–I rub a pump full of the oil between my fingers and massage into my dry face–this breaks up the makeup, sunscreen etc. Then I splash my face with plain water and massage again–then apply a tinch of Make-Up Breakup oil between my fingers and apply to my eyes to get all my eye makeup off then rinse. When the water touches the oil, it immediately emulsifies into a milky cleanser and I massage into my face and neck for a few minutes–it breaks down and becomes much thinner. You do want not to use too much–it should melt into our skin. I then pat dry and my skin feels amazing! Super hydrated but not the least bit greasy–this is how I wish my skin felt all day every day–as soft and supple as my Aunt Flo’s old kidd gloves. Normally after cleansing I would use a toner and sometimes I still do but I find that a toner will make my skin feel stripped again which is what Boscia Make-Up Breakup happily doesn’t do! I don’t really need a toner, because this cleansing oil does such a thorough job of eliminating all my tough makeup, however some might need to do a second cleansing.

I never, ever thought using an oil for a cleanser would work for me but now I can honestly say everyone over 40 needs this cleansing oil! After 40 our skin changes and that usually includes getting drier so having a cleanser that takes off stubborn makeup and gives your skin back some much needed hydration and leaves it feeling satiny soft. I’ve even used this with my Clarisonic and it still doesn’t strip my skin–but I will say I prefer not to use the Clarisonic and massage instead. Admittedly, I have not used another type or brand of cleansing oil, however my good friend Elvira at PinkSith has and you can read what she has to say about Boscia Make-Up and Breakup Cleansing Oil versus Shu. She also explains the benefits of using a cleansing oil.
Prime Beauty Grade: A

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  1. YAY!!!
    So glad you got this! Don’t forget to apply to a dry face massage to breakup MU and THEN add water. 🙂

  2. I’ve come to love cleansing oils too. My face can be an oil slick in the summer, so I’ve also been surprised by how effective these oils can be, that they don’t increase oiliness, or cause breakouts! Can’t wait to try this one!

  3. flowergardener says:

    Does the Boscia work differently than other cleansing oils? Usually the directions say to apply to a dry face because if your face is wet, the oil cleanser will emulsify before it breaks down the makeup.