Blogiversary Cosmetics Organizer Giveaway!


This month I am celebrating my sixth year of beauty blogging! I want to thank you, my faithful readers for sticking with me and taking the time to read my humble musings.

I’m really excited to bring this special giveaway to you. I’m also really excited that this giveaway is open to the US, Canada, UK, France and Germany!!! I know firsthand that makeup storage is a challenge so I’ve teamed up with Melody Susie to giveaway a Cosmetics Organizer. The MelodySusie® Large Capacity Cosmetic Organizer  ($98) is made of transparent acrylic with 4 storage drawers which can be filled with cosmetics, jewelry, nail polish–you decide!

unnamed (1)

This clear acrylic luxurious makeup and jewelry box is of the utmost quality with a larger capacity that can store more cosmetics and gadgets! The clear and transparent acrylic material as well as the special design allows you to see each objects inside clearly, which also allows you to save more time finding your favorite things. 

The whole Cosmetic organizer is divided into 3 parts:

The upper box with 10 Compartments

The middle box with 4 Drawers

The bottom part in the 4th drawer with 10 Compartments 

To enter to win, complete the mandatory tasks and ‘like” MelodySusie on Facebook on the Rafflecopter widget. To gain additional entries, complete more tasks. Open to residents over 18 of the US, Canada, UK, France and Germany! Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • Lynsey Buchanan

    Mines is all in a drawer to be honest

  • kim neville

    i need to organise my makeup as just in a drawer loose

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  • Ashley Bree Perez

    I really need this in my life!!!

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  • Dee

    I have some stuff in plastic drawers but my main stash is just in a few makeup bags. I really need to purge and organize.

  • Sheri Darby

    My make up isn’t organised – just stuffed into a make up bag

  • Rachel Beltz

    Right now it’s kind of all thrown around.. I need to get myself together haha!

  • Kate M Jones

    My make-up isnt organised at the moment, it all sits in a wicker basket that i have to sift through every time i want something!

  • leah davis

    I use several small glass containers on an Ikea desk to organize my makeup.

  • Angela Browley-Brown

    I have a storage container, but not clear like this one. Oh, a few makeup bags too.

  • Fiona

    I have a container like this, but not nearly as big!

  • Amanda Patterson

    I have some containers similar to yours and a few lipstick organizers!

  • Sandy Pincombe

    I have a upholstered caddy and several greenish-blue containers that hold my brushes and lipsticks

  • adriana

    I just have mine in makeup bags :/

  • LadyStephM

    Right now I use a aluminum travel make up case, two acrylic lipstick holder, and two glasses for make up

  • Leslie

    I have the Alex 9 drawer from ikea but this would make it easier to have my everyday items on my counter.

  • Zoey

    I use large hanging makeup bags and old coffee mugs and other cups for brushes, pencils, etc.

  • Michelle

    In one big makeup bag!

  • Andrea Amy

    Right now I have my make up in various boxes (from old glossy boxes). I have one for lipstick, one for eye maker, etc.

  • calmond

    Mine is in a big cosmetic bag and in some drawers in the bathroom–it’s actually not very organized looking!

  • Summer jimenez

    I have my cosmetics in my dresser filling 3 drawers as of now. Everyday I tell myself I am going to organize this but I have not as of yet. Maybe this would push me to make it happen. Lol. Thanks for the chance to win and for not having 25 requirements for entering. Lol

  • Martina Alban

    I organise them by the way I used them when I put my make-up on

  • Claire

    I’m not organised at all

  • Robin

    I really need to declutter and reorganize my makeup! Goals for 2016!

  • Pam Wood Humphrey

    I have it stuffed into make up bags (several of them)

  • Lesley F

    It pretty much gets thrown in a drawer

  • Lisa Foster

    I have most of my makeup in a big train case, but the case is bulky, I’d like to have a better solution.

  • Lexi

    I seriously was just thinking yesterday that I need a better way to organize all my makeup because I have not organization its all just out on display in our bathroom on the counter. When I need to take it with me someplace it all gets tossed into a makeup bag. These would be a blessing for organizing a messy space! I am super happy I stumbled upon this! Thank you and fingers crossed that I win!

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  • teresa koedyker

    I have a malm from ikea and two of the small drawers and some plastic containers. Thank you for the giveaway!!

  • Richelle

    I have clear acrylic drawer that I have but I have already overfilled it

  • sandra

    in a makeup bag

  • FionaJK42

    I have a clear acrylic organiser with tall upright compartments that I use to store pencils, mascara and brushes. But my eyeshadows, blush, highlighter and other flat items are currently without a home, as are my lipsticks. This organizer with drawers would be perfect for them.

  • Martina Evans

    Happy anniversary! I keep my makeup brushes in clear jars and the rest of my makeup in mini baskets.

  • Christine Topley

    My make up is pretty much willy nilly everywhere, except for a small ToiletTree Make Up stand that I use to put my bare essentials in. I really need more storage for all the stuff I have.

  • Belinda McNabb

    right now I have everything in a drawer with dividers.

  • Judy Cowan

    I just have a basic plastic container that it is all thrown in.

  • Allyson Bossie

    I currently have a large makeup bag and a basket I keep things in. This would be awesome!

  • Mary Vantil

    I have a makeup case,

  • Laura Scrogham

    Makeup bag for me. My Daughter has hers set out on her dresser neatly.

  • Allyson Becker

    There is no organization. That is the problem

  • carina

    i just have a makeup bag.

  • polarbelle

    I use acrylics like this, which I prefer, and also makeup bags and plastic bins. Oh also baskets and dresser drawers. :-0

  • Rebecca Russell

    I use a set of rainbow colored plastic drawers to store my makeup.