BECCA Turkish Rose Cream Blush – Beauty All Star

I love the latest and greatest makeup choices and enjoy the new seasonal collections immensely, but there are a few products in my ‘stash’ that are real standouts–the ones I reach for the most, the products I re-purchase, my ‘Holy Grails’–hence the Beauty All Stars moniker. From time to time I will feature some of the All-Star products I love and adore.

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of the Australia brand BECCA. Their cream blushes are simply perfect; soft and creamy with good lasting power which can be a real problem for some cream blushes. Turkish Rose is a permanent color in the line and is absolutely lovely. Although it looks rather brown and muddy in the pan, it imparts a soft and neutral pink on the cheeks. There is no shimmer or glitter–just a beautiful dusty rose. The lack of shimmer does not make Turkish Rose lackluster, in fact it gives a very pretty dewy glow. The shade is used quite often on brides so that should give some idea of how natural it looks.

The texture of BECCA cream blushes is divine, they are exceptionally easy to blend and give such a youthful dewy look.  I’ve used my fingers and a skunk brush–the skunk brush works best to get a very, very natural finish. They are not the least bit sticky like gel blushes or thicker cream versions–I’m looking at you Stila Convertible Colors. Sticky blushes reeeeeally annoy me.

Packaging: a rubber encased disk with silver top and a mirror inside. The compact has been compared to a space saucer and I have to agree. I don’t care for rubber packaging–it looks nice but is impractical–getting smudgy and old looking quickly.

Quality: you will be hard pressed to find a better cream blush–in texture, blendability, and wear.

Value: Becca blushes are expensive–$30 for 0.12 oz. I personally think Becca cream blushes are worth the price for the lasting power alone.

Best For: especially good for us over 40 women to bring back that youthful dewy glow. Turkish Rose is a very wearable neutral shade which will work for warm or cool skin tones. A beautiful non-sticky everyday shade.  It is a fairly light so those with darker skin tones may find it too subtle.

Prime Beauty Grade: A

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  1. I absolutely agree! Perfect neutral color and texture too.

  2. Great post! Thank you for the suggestions!!

    Erth Mineral Makeup

  3. I’ve looked all over for my Turkish Rose and haven’t been able to find it. I remember the case broke so maybe I tossed it. Luckily I have a Becca palette with this in it since it is such a beautiful shade. Becca’s cream blushes are top notch.


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