Beauty Junkie or Hoarder? You decide!

Beauties, I ran across this article online in O magazine. Is this woman a hoarder or just another beauty addict like us?  I don’t know, but she sure  makes me feel sooooooooo much better about myself!

By Jenny Bailly
O, The Oprah Magazine  |  February 18, 2010

There are beauty junkies and then there are…Beauty Junkies. Hillary Kosofsky, a 54-year-old nurse in New Jersey, has a serious jones for makeup and hair products. She walked us through her $30,000-plus beauty stash, and revealed how it grew. And grew. And grew.

How she’s amassed almost 200 makeup palettes: If I think a palette is really gorgeous, I buy two so I can use one and save one. Although sometimes I buy two…and don’t ever use either one. Look at this one [an embossed Dior highlighting powder palette]. Isn’t it beautiful? And this [another shimmering Dior powder]. I don’t exactly know what it is or what it does, but I had to have it.

  • And also: I love anything with bling. [Even her nail files are bedazzled.]
  • Oh, and also: If it’s limited edition, I can’t resist. Those words put me over the edge.
  • What her two adult daughters might not be happy to hear: I love all this makeup. These things are like my children.
  • Why she owns (relatively) few skincare products: Fancy face creams don’t excite me. I actually don’t even use foundation. What I love is color.
  • How she explains the 140 styling products: I also love doing my hair. I’ve been dyeing it blonde since I was 16. I’m at the salon every five weeks, and I always buy products when I’m there. My stylist, who’s also my sister, tries to stop me. She says I have everything I need. But I don’t listen.
  • Where she stores the stuff: We have two bathrooms–my husband uses the small one, I have the big one. I have three packed drawers in there, and an entire linen closet. I also have a separate stash in our weekend house–probably about half this much.
  • Why she wakes up at dawn: I have to be at work by 8 A.M., and every morning I wash my hair, blow it out and iron it. And I always put on a full face of makeup–three or four different eyeshadows, more than one mascara, three different concealers. And, of course, eyeliner and lipstick.
  • Her hunting strategy: I rip pages out of magazines and plan what I’m going to get. I’m not loyal to a specific brand; I’ll buy whatever catches my eye. If it’s new, I have to have it. If I need to track it down, I do.
  • How her makeup is like a traveling museum: I’ll carry makeup that I know I’m not going to use in my purse. I like to have it with me and know I can look at it when I want to.
  • Why she’s different from the people on that Hoarders show: I always keep everything very neat and organized.
  • The biggest problem she’s faced because of her love of makeup A few years ago, I found myself $14,000 in debt. I had to tell my husband what was going on, and he paid it off.
  • Why that didn’t stop her The rush from buying is stronger than the guilt.
  • Why the plumbing in her house might be sluggish I usually get bored halfway through hair products. I either stash the bottles under the sink or just squeeze them down the drain.
  • The most obvious thing about her I’m a girly girl. It makes me feel good to try to look pretty.
  • The heartbreaking truth I was insecure growing up. I was okay-looking, but I wanted to be beautiful. I still feel like when I walk into a room, no one’s saying, “Look at her.” And I guess with all of the makeup and hair products, I’m hoping I can make that happen.
  • What a little self-reflection yields I’m looking at this pile thinking, “This is not normal; this is not healthy.” It does bother me that I have these beautiful things that I can’t even find because there’s so much. When I go home and put all of this back, I’ll aim for a 25 percent purge.
  • How much she actually purged after the photo shoot Maybe 5 percent? I gave away a big shopping bag full of hair products but only a small bag of makeup. I couldn’t bring myself to toss it. And when I got home, there was a new Bobbi Brown delivery.

How it all adds up….

Gosh, I’m not so bad after all, how about you? So what do YOU think? Beauty junkie or hoarder? Let me know in the comments!

Hairsprays (X9) $134.00
Deodorants (X4) $20.00
Shampoos (X29) $473.00
Conditioners (X24) $363.00
Styling Products (X140) $2,797.00
Brushes/Combs (X25) $242.00
Sunscreens (X4) $36.00
After sun products (X2) $12.00
Nail Polish Removers (X4) $10.00
Self-Tanners (X3) $90.00
Soaps (X19) $75.00
Eye MakeUp Remover (X1) $16.00
Blushes (X72) $1,758.00
Lipsticks (X31) $837.00
Single Eyeshadows (X94) $1,863.00
Eyeshadow Palettes (X137) $6,125.00
MakeUp Bags (X42) $840.00
Mascaras (X36) $952.00
Face Washes (X6) $150.00
Eye Creams (X22) $880.00
MakeUp Brush Sets (X7) $280.00
Face Lotions (X36) $2,160.00
MakeUp Removers (X7) $112.00
Bronzers (X29) $725.00
Makeup Palettes (X30) $1,650.00
Face Powders (X56) $1,960.00
Face Mists (X2) $34.00
Lip Glosses (X81) $1,458.00
Eyeliners (X68) $1,360.00
Concealers (X32) $800.00
Lip Balms (X5) $16.00
Lip Liners (X4) $68.00
Hair Straighteners (X2) $140.00
Hair Dryers (X2) $260.00
Curling Iron (X1) $17.00
AntiWrinkle Creams (X9) $167.00
Perfumes (X12) $600.00
Nail Polishes (X86) $688.00

TOTAL : $30,168.00

  • Is it bad that I don’t think her stash is that bad…? What does that say about me? I mean really, the woman doesn’t even use foundation so she doesn’t have the 30+ foundations that I have – she didn’t say anything about shower products, so she must be lacking the cupboard full of bath gel, lotion and bubble bath that I have and she doesn’t even mention stalking e-bay to get her hands on products that aren’t sold in her country…pfft – total amauteur! 😉

    Best, LIsamarie

    • cindy

      HAHA. Great comment! I’m wondering what kind of time period we’re talking about here!

  • Lisa

    Hmmm…I guess in some respects I AM a hoarder…I have many more lipsticks than she does…close to as many eyeshadows as she does…more lipliners…and close to as many lipglosses. I know that I purchase some items just to have them…I NEED HELP!!! 😀

    • cindy

      I think we’re all in the same boat Lisa!
      But at least we look gorgeous!!