Beauty Addicts Beautifull Lips and Lip Addiction Glosses!

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Today I have for you some lip products from the brand beautyAddicts–how aprpros!  beautyADDICTS  is a cosmetic line created by a team of professional artists offering desirable shades to make beauty simple. Inspired by the lifestyles, moods and attitudes of today’s women, the formulas are complex. however the color families are simple and divided into five separate groups. GLOW. EXPRESS. MOTIVATE. SEDUCE. PLAY. The ingredients are derived from the most sought after minerals, vitamins and advanced scientific, anti-aging technology.

The very kind people at beautyAddicts sent me a collection of nude lipsticks and glosses to try. Summer is the ideal time to perfect a nude look; this natural minimalistic approach is perfect for a simple, sunkissed look. Nude lipsticks strike terror in my heart. I look like the undead in nude lipsticks–and not the popular, sexy undead on TV and in the movies, but the lifeless- corpse-undead-that -hid-under-your-bed-as-a-kid-waiting-to-grab-your-tiny-feet- undead!  ACK! I’m scared already!! Seriously, I am such a wimp I can’t even watch American Horror Story on TV. Sad, I know, but I digress. Because the people at beautyADDICTS were so kind to send me a selection of their awesome products, I must be brave and face my fears!!!!

Beauty Addicts Beautifull Lips ($18) provide rich, creamy color infused with intense hydration. The formula applies very smoothly, never skipping and is moisturizing, not drying at all. It feels light and wears comfortably on the lips – no need for a primer of lip balm underneath. Some shades have a satin finish and some have a subtle sheen that fades after about an hour of wear.  These are not what I would call super long-lasting,  but you can easily get about 3-4 hours.

Formulated with Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil and other natural ingredients, this formula also plumps with natural peptides and stimulates collagen for a firmer, smoother more voluptuous lip. I was able to try Shy and Toast from the EXPRESS group and In The Buff from the PLAY group. Shy is a very pretty soft nude peach with a nice satin finish, Toast is an orange/coppery with a slight frost finish and In The Buff is a toffee brown shade with a satin finish.

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Rich color and creamy moisturizing texture does make it easier to be brave when trying nude lippies. Remember, the depth of color will depend upon the pigment in your lips. I have colorless fish belly lips so almost anything will show up on me.

Lip Addiction glosses ($17) are creamy with lots of shine and a smooth texture. They all have a semi-sparkly finish. I love how these glosses combine with the lipsticks to change the hue or saturation. It’s really fun mixing the different shades to see what you can create!

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Naked is a pale peach

Playmate  is an opaque barely- there pink with a bit of iridescence. It reminds me of the inside of an abalone shell. This shade looks gorgeous over almost any lipstick

Addict is a frosty medium copper that gives In The Buff an iridescence and dimension.

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Lipstick with glosses on top

Lipstick with glosses on top

From top to bottom: Toast with Addict on top, In The Buff with Naked on top and Shy with Playmate on top. Playmate and Naked are VERY pale and wash me out without something deeper underneath, but I think they would look fabulous on medium to dark skin tones.

Beauty Addicts Beautifull Lips have a pleasing subtle vanilla scent however I can’t say the same for the Lip Addiction glosses; they smell plasticy and not pleasant. No worries though, the scent does not linger, I only mention it for those with sensitive noses.

Bottom Line: congrats beautyADDICT for making me come alive even when wearing nude lipsticks! I’m so glad I discovered this brand, the lipsticks and glosses are top quality with beautiful shades and great coverage and hydration!



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