bareMinerals Hates the “F” Word – Introducing bareMinerals READY SPF 20 Foundation!

Leslie Blodgett, creator of bareMinerals hates the F word and she doesn’t want you to say it anymore! The F word in case, being Foundation. According to Leslie, “foundation” has become a dirty word thanks to the cakey, pore-clogging formulas widely available that have given the category a bad rap.

So she did something about it–she created the first-ever solid mineral bareMinerals READY SPF 20 Foundation ($29). Joining the already iconic READY line of blushes and eye shadows on September 12, READY foundation is in a pressed powder form with some pretty impressive science behind it. The formula contain a unique time-release hydration system that is clinically proved to increase skin hydration by 108% after 12 hours of wear. During my testing, I did definitely notice the foundation looked better and better as the day wore on and it holds up longer than the Kardashians publicity machine working overtime.  On a normal day, my foundation (ANY foundation) has worn off my chin revealing the redness I have there–not this one!

A complex of mineral-encapsulated glycerin and humic acid locks in existing moisture and brakes down upon application and over time to continuously condition and soften skin. The texture of READY foundation is extremely unique. I’ve used many cream to powder foundations and this is quite the opposite–it’s a powder that behaves like a cream! It adheres to the skin well and feels like a veil of silk. Seriously, the first day I wore it, I kept looking in the mirror and touching my face because it felt so smooth and creamy! 

Ready Foundation contains their proprietary bareMinerals SeaNutritive Mineral Complex, a concentrated blend of mineral- and antioxidant-rich algae and seaweed, diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a younger-looking complexion. It doesn’t look powdery at all because of the hydration it delivers throughout the day. The finish is a dream–not too matte, not too dewy–more of a silky satin, which is ideal for us over 40 women! I sure feel younger just wearing it!  Honestly beauties, if this die-hard liquid foundation user is this captivated, you can believe there is something special about this foundation.

20 shades available…

  • Fair — cool tone
  • Fairly Light – neutral tone
  • Golden Fair — warm tone
  • Light — warm tone
  • Fairly Medium — cool tone
  • Medium — cool tone
  • Medium Beige — neutral tone
  • Golden Medium — warm tone
  • Medium Tan — cool tone
  • Tan — neutral tone
  • Golden Tan — warm tone
  • Warm Tan — warm tone
  • Dark — cool tone
  • Medium Dark — neutral tone
  • Golden Dark — warm tone
  • Warm Dark — warm tone
  • Medium Deep — cool tone
  • Deepest Deep — neutral tone
  • Golden Deep — warm tone
  • Warm Deep — warm tone

Unlike their loose mineral foundation formula, Ready Foundation is only available in a natural finish. In addition, bareMinerals READY is formulated without preservatives, talc, waxes, binders, filler and fragrances.

A new brush makes its debut to help achieve the perfect application with such a unusual formula. The new Precision Face Brush ($28) is flat and angled to allow you to get into all those hard-to-reach places like the eye sockets, around the nose, upper lip, etc. The bristles are soft and densely packed and pick up a good amount of product.  Don’t make the mistake I made the first time and use too much foundation–a dab into the compact and a quick buff is all you need. The application is a bit different from BE’s loose foundations too. Instead of swirl, tap, buff, I just dab the brush into the foundation and buff on. What I love about this brush is that you can customize how much coverage you want in any given area. I use a little more on the red parts of my face–around the nose and the chin–the angle of brush lets me get good coverage in those areas. There is also a travel sized brush, the Retractable Precision Face Brush ($22)  to throw in your purse along with the compact for quick touch-ups. I will definitely take advantage of that; since I usually wear liquid foundations, this is a big plus for me!

Packaging– traditional READY black compact with full mirror and a travel sized brush you can throw in your purse

Quality: exceptional powder to cream formula with good-for-your-skin ingredients. Delivers hydration! This foundation does not oxidize or wear off for a good 12 hours–it lasted 14 hrs. on me!

Value: $29 for this quality of foundation is an excellent buy!

Overall: I have been über impressed with everything from the bareMinerals READY line and the READY foundation is no exception. It don’t feel as if  I wearing ANY makeup but my skin looks fresh, pore-free and even. Because it provides moisture throughout the day, it never looks cakey or settles into fine lines and pores. I know this term is waaaaay overused but it really does look like my face is airbrushed! A GREAT foundation for the over 40 gal!

Prime Beauty Grade: A+

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  1. I like the Ready line a lot better than the pigment line so I’ll have to check out to see if they have a color match.

  2. Awesome review, as always Cindy.

  3. What shade did they send you and what MAC shade are you?

    • They sent Med. beige, which isn’t a great color match (too yellow) but it kinda works. I’m a NC20 in MAC.

  4. Are the shades the same as the loose matte powder foundation?

  5. Marie Therize says:

    Hi everyone,
    I’m not 40 yet, not even close, but i’d like to comment. Hope its allowed?
    Anyway, I have never heard of READY product lines before but I’m liking this bareMineral thing. I’d have to get one so I can share this kind of testimony!
    Funny enuf, I also dislike the “F” word.


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