Barefoot Venus Makes Me Feel Like a Woo-Man!

My favorite way to indulge in ‘me’ time is with some luxurious bath and body products. That’s why I love the aesthetic of the Canadian brand Barefoot Venus “the finest quality bath and body products with a vision to produce a flirtatiously feminine and luxurious spa like offering.”  I’m in!!  Barefoot Venus products are natural and  formulated without Parabens, Propylene glycol, Mineral oil, Synthetic colors and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.  The generous people at Barefoot Venus sent me some products to try which included a few products from the Lilly Pilly Collection. Personally I don’t want to smell like something I’ve been baking in the kitchen, i.e;  a blueberry muffin or a chocolate chip cookie.  I prefer to smell fresh and feminine so Lilly Pilly is ideal for me; a flirty mix of lush fruits and sweet florals sprinkled with powder’s silky softness.  I had the opportunity to try three products from this collection–the moisturizing body wash, body lotion and the sugar scrub.  

Cute packaging!

Let’s start with the Lilly Pilly Sugar Scrub ($20.99/8oz.)

This is the scrub that has started my obsession with body scrubs–sugar scrubs to be specific. A mix of white and brown sugar crystals saturated with healing oils, gently buff roughness away. Moisturizing avocado oil and skin silkening coconut oil leave your skin in perfect birthday suit condition. The sugar is gentle enough to exfoliate without irritating sensitve aging skin and leaves behind an adequate amount of oil to moisturize without being greasy or turning my bathtub into a danger zone where, given the combination of oil and my innate clumsiness, I could potentially break a hip! 

I pat dry leaving a bit of oil on my skin to absorb and it does quickly–no greasiness. My skin feels so soft and velvety–more so than with any other scrub AND it stays that way for a few days. The problem is I love using this so much I want to use it everyday! The fragrance is soft and refreshing without being cloying.  If you like to layer your fragrance, there is a Lilly Pilly moisturizing body wash and  hydrating body lotion to drench your skin in this delightful floral fragrance!

Lilly Pilly Moisturizing Wash– formulated with skin caring ingredients like aloe vera, vitamin E and glycerine, this body wash is moisturizing, lathers nicely and leaves my skin feeling smooth and comfortable as opposed to dry and tight. Available in a the duo above for $10 or an 8 oz. size for $14.99.

Lilly Pilly Body Lotion –  natural extract of cornflower, fortified with vitamins A, D & E,  leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. The lotion absorbs very quickly, is NOT greasy and hydrates all day long. Availalbe in a the duo above for $10 or an 8 oz. size for $17.99.

There is also a darling Lilly Pilly Gift Pack for $45 that makes a perfect gift for moms, sisters, friends, or me!!!

I’m so happy to have discovered Barefoot Venus! The products are top-notch, the scents delectable and the prices affordable.  If soft florals aren’t your thing, there are 16 scents to choose from! And don’t blame me if you walk around smelling yourself and caressing your arms like me!

Prices are given in Canadian dollars.