Avon Anew Platinum Skincare Review

I apologize beauties for being late with this post. The newest addition to the Avon ANEW line of skincare products is ANEW Platinum which is a special formula is designed for mature skin and works best for woman aged 60 and over.

I first product I tried was ANEW Platinum Serum ($64). Avon makes a heck of a lotta claims on this product: “Skin feels saturated in creamy comfort. For best results, use morning and night. 82% of women agree facial contours look reshaped for more youthful definition.*** Overnight, skin on the face and neck feels lifted; deep wrinkles appear reduced.**** After 2 weeks, reduces the look of deep horizontal lines in the neck area. Lifts and firms the look of sagging skin under the chin and neck.**** 1 fl. oz.”  What’s with all the asterisks?  This is what they mean***Based on women who expressed an opinion in a consumer-perception study.”  

That’s the part you need to pay attention to–perception:  1. the act of perceiving; to regard as being such <perceived threats>  2. to think of (someone or something) as being something stated–<She perceived herself as an independent woman>   In other words, NOT FACTUAL. I really hate this type of advertising–it’s not a clinical study where are findings and a result, they have proven nothing!

Anyway, aside from all thre mumbo jumbo, the serum felt very heavy although it did absorb well. It glided on like a silicone primer but heavier. I used the serum for about two weeks with no noticable difference.

The claims for this product are: “Drapes skin in a veil of plush softness. For best results, use nightly. 80% of women agree skin around the neck looks dramatically firmer.*** After 2 weeks, neck and jawline look more defined and sculpted; wrinkles appear dramatically reduced. After 4 weeks, the cheek area looks lifted and reshaped; dramatically reduces the appearance of sagging skin. Overtime, dramatically reshapes skin for a more youthful looking profile. 1.7 fl. oz. “

*Paxillin is a key protein that helps to retain the full, expanded shape of youthful skin cells and is found in lesser amounts in aging cells. **Based on invitro testing of Paxillium Technology on 3-D reconstructed skin. ***Among women who expressed an opinion in a consumer perception study.

Again, based on perceptions. Avon ANEW Platinum Night Cream ($38) was too emollient for me, leaving me with an oil slick on my forehead in the morning. I used this too for 2 weeks and did NOT get the results advertised. You may be thinking “but Cindy, two weeks isn’t enough time to tell.” You may be right, however when a product promises results in two weeks I would consider that fair. Yet, the reason I stopped using both products was not because they were ineffective, it’s that they were SO heavily fragranced I couldn’t take it anymore. The fragrance was not one I found appealing but moreover, it did not dissapate quickly either. I could smell it on my pillowcase, in my sheets, on my clothes, etc.

In conclusion, not only do I not like the the marketing, but the fragrance is a real turn off. Coupled with the high price, $64 for the ANEW Platinum serum and $38 for the cream and no noticable results, I really can’t recommend these products. On the other hand, I’m not 60 yet, so maybe I’ll try them again in a few years. 🙂

  • cindy champion

    Always wanted to Try Avan Anew. Seems like a great product. Thanks for great review!

  • Barbara

    I bought a Anew product a while ago and I, also, can’t use it because the fragrance is so off-putting. So there is sits in a drawer with its companions of unwanted samples and loser creams, serums and potions that I can’t bring myself to throw out.

    • cindy

      I hear ya Barbara I have a drawer, plastic bins & shelves full of stuff!

  • Jayne Seidel

    I love the over 60 cream that Avon markets. The wrinkles are less noticeable and I love the fragrance.

  • Mandy

    I’m 65. I’ve tried several dept. store products, and I’ve spent a fortune on stuff from QVC and HSN. Avon Anew Platium works best for me! People have told me I have a “glow.”

    Maybe your skin is too young for the products! Also, I don’t notice a fragrance. LOL. Maybe my nose has gotten too old!

  • I have been using the platnum for years, I had started saging and wrinkling on my neck and it is all smooth now. People say that I look younger than my age. I am 58.

  • sana

    Hi, my mum is 55 and she has recently started using the platinum range after i sent her the kit to Pakistan from UK. She raves about this range and has asked me to send loads more. Bear in mind that Avon is not available in Pakistan and she knew nothing about it.
    I am only 29 and have started using it too!