Anna Sui Rose Cheek Color Dreamy Rose Blush: Pics and Review

Anna Sui Rose Blush

Purchased by me


Anna Sui is a true original. I love her design aesthetic in clothes and makeup;  one part glam, one part bohemian, one part whimsical with a pinch of Victorian. Sounds a little wacky but it works and works beautifully. In the interest of full disclosure I admit that I am a packaging whore. I LOVE pretty things and Anna does too. Her ornate designs grace compacts, nail polishes and lipstick tubes alike. Just take a look at this absolutely darling nail polish:


So…..when I got an email about a month ago from bglowing and it featured pictures of Anna Sui’s Rose Cheek Color Blushes ($36), I had to try at least one just for packaging alone! The lovely black compact is a rounded square and is adorned with delicate curly cues and the Anna Sui name in purple letters. Even the box the compact comes in is covered with delicate roses on a black background. The compact also has a full size mirror also.

Anna Sui Rose Cheek Color

There are 7 shades available:

  • #100 Mystic Rose – a mix of blues and purples to be used to highlight and brighten the complexion
  • #300 Romantic Rose – a beautiful mixture of pinks and rose
  • # 301 Dreamy Rose – a combination of pinks and oranges
  • # 400 Anna Rose – coral and rose
  • #500 Antique Rose – a dusty pink with shades of bronze
  • # 600 Sunny Rose – orange and peach


I chose Dreamy Rose and it’s gorgeous;  a bouquet of  embossed pink and orange roses. The roses are small, so even though the brand says you can use the colors separately, that would be hard to do in my opinion. When swirled together this blush imparts a soft pink glow for pretty “blooming” cheeks. It is highly pigmented: I’m talking NARS pigmented. Paler beauties will need to use a skunk brush, for darker skin tones I’m sure a regular brush would do just fine. In fact, this particular shade would dazzle on darker skin.

Anna Sui Rose Cheek Color

Containing the New Moist Powder Base support, this cheek color does not look cakey and is not too powdery. Since only the center rose has shimmer, the blush applied with a  more matte finish (at least Dreamy Rose) but is not flat. With four different textures and shades it gives a nice dimension to the cheeks. It blends well and lasts all the live long day. My cheeks are just as bright now, as I write this, at 6 p.m. as they were at 6 a.m.

Worth noting, Anna Sui also includes her signature tea rose scent in all her products. I did not find it overpowering or cloying in the least, but I want to mention it for those of you with allergies or who don’t like fragranced makeup.

Anna’s belief is that no item it too small to be special as evidenced by her attention to detail. She combines high-quality products with beautiful packaging and I am a smitten kitten.

Anna Sui Rose Cheek Color

What do you think of Anna Sui’s Rose Cheek Color? Yay or nay?


Purchased by me



  • This is so pretty! Do you know if they’re CF?

    • I don’t know, how do you find out?

  • She makes beautiful products but they too often have a rose scent. This blush looks gorgeous.

  • Heather USA (Rafflecopter: Rosie Areola)

    $36 isn’t bad, I always assumed Anna Sui was more pricey for some reason. TFS.

  • JudithDM

    Loving 300, especially 500, and off I go to purchase somewhere! Yes, the Anna Sui packaging is exquisite, I am wondering why this line is not available at more places… very difficult to find in person to view, and I am in Los Angeles where just about everything is!!! OH, I am running up the $ reading here! May I say thank you!!!!q

  • JudithDM

    Amazon $153! Where do these sellers/vendors get off on thinking we are stupid?

    • You can purchase it for the regular price of $36 at or Good luck! And yes, I wish Anna Sui was more readily available too!

  • Anna Sui has the most gorgeous packaging. Between that brand and Art Deco I am in heaven!

    • Haven’t heard of Art Deco, I’ll have to check them out, thanks for the tip!

  • I was looking at this earlier this week, but didn’t like that mineral oil and petrolatum are so high in the ingredient list. Nice to hear it wears well, though.