Addicted to Dior Crush Glow Review!

Dior Crush Glow Palette

Dior Ready to Glow

Crush Glow (659) is part of the Addicted to Dior Collection for Summer 2010, along with it’s cooler sister Ready to Glow (649), these palettes retail for $58-ouch! They are both the Iridescent formula which can sometimes cross over into the dreaded frosty realm but not so with these palettes. They are definitely ‘glowy’ but not frosty. I tried to resist, I really did! I spent several minutes talking myself out of buying this palette, I really really did! But, being of the warm persuasion, I of course gravitated toward Crush Glow like Adam Lambert to guyliner. Crush Glow has five shades: gold with a sheen finish,  pale iced pink with shimmer, muted almost matte pink coral,  a plummy-taupe shimmer, and bronze with a pearly sheen. All five shades are pigmented, soft, blendable and easy to use, and consistent with Dior quality. Dior has produced many quints that are winners in my book and Crush Glow is no exception. This is one no-brainer palette beauties; all the shades play very nicely together making it easy to create a ‘go to’ look.  I used the icy pink shade as a highlighter under the brow bone and on the inner corners of the eye, the shimmery gold on the lid and the bronze shade in the crease. My eyes were beautiful and glowy.  It is very warm. so if you are cooler toned, Ready to Glow may be more suitable for you–both palettes are definitely worth swatching at your local counter.








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Packaging: the typical elegant blue compact with the Dior logo 

Quality:  typical high quality, soft buttery shadows, very easy to blend, nicely pigmented

 Value: at $58, I would consider this palette an investment! You could, conceivabley have just this one palette for a pretty summer look.

 Overall: high quality, lovely shimmery shades, well-coordinated palette for a pretty summer look. If you are not a fan of shimmer, or you are a very cool toned beauty, you may want to pass. I do think this is one of Dior’s better palettes to date.

 Grade: A