5 New Beauty Discoveries!


Time gets away from me sometimes and there are products that get left out of the blog so I decided to do a small roundup of new or exceptional products I think you need to know about every month. Some will be new launches and some may new to me. Some may not be beauty related but simply something I’m excited about and want to share. Either way, I discovered some great stuff in September that I want you to know about.

imageSwoon Lipgloss Pick Up Artist ($12) – This is SO cool! Swoon is a  lip gloss scoop and applicator that picks up every last drop of lip gloss from the tube. The wand is reusable, flexible, and works with any brand of gloss. The non-porous application head doesn’t absorb product so it’s easy to clean and the applicator cover snaps shut for secure fit. A grooved handle enables application while the cover keeps the applicator clean in a makeup bag. Available at Sephora!

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Mirabella Borrowed From The Boys Brow Collection – released just this month,  this brow collection contains two products: The Brow Pencil ($25) and The Brow Shaper ($21). The Brow Pencil comes in three shades – light, medium, and dark. On one end is a soft microfine tip and on the other a spoolie. The brow shaper is a 5-in-1 product that shapes, defines, thickens, and provides universal color to fill in brows. It’s a liqui-gel with a mascara type. This combo sets your brows.  tames the wild ones and gives wonderful definition.


Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer – (abt 7) – okay I admit I totally thought this was a gimmick. I always recommend putting any body lotion on while skin is still damp so I really didn’t think it mattered which moisturizer you used. Remember this day beauties, because I was WRONG! My skin was fully hydrated within a few days of using this. Before I could scratch my skin and it would be flakey, not any more! I do a little patting dry before applying so I am not dripping wet, jump damp. My skin feels extremely moisturized, soft and supple. It also is a time saver because I don’t have to wait for a moisturizer to soak in before I dress in the morning. Available in Coconut, Green Tea and Monoi, I chose Monoi and am glad I did–it has a subtle floral scent that doesn’t overpower. You’ve GOT to give this a try!


Almay Oil-Free Makeup Eraser Sticks ($5) – have you seen these babies? I don’t where I’ve been but somehow these were not on my radar. These convenient cotton tip swaps are filled with gentle. skin conditioning eye makeup remover to remove smudges, smears and mistakes around the eyes. I love these for correcting mascara blogs that sometimes end up under my eyes. Just snap off the head on one side of the swap to release the liquid.the-brow-shaper-by-lilibeth-of-new-york-trio-d-20150710163727413-425852_339

The Brow Shaper by Lilibeth (set of 3 $29) – the brow shaper is a great alternative to tweezing. It removes hair quickly, easily and painlessly! It has a stainless steel coated blade with tiny “teeth.” Not only can you use it for the brows, but I use for the peach fuzz on the face, my chin and above my lips. There is a bit of a learning curve to get the pressure and the angle correct. Pulling this skin taut allows the blade to glide closely along the surface of the skin. I purchased this kit on HSN. It comes in a 2 pack for $19.99 or a 3-pk for $29.99. Each shaper lasts about 3 months. They also come is fun colors like red, pink, purple and the teal color I got.

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I’d love some feedback on this post. Do you want to see my beauty discoveries every month or not ever again? Let me know!