5 Cosmetic Brands You Need To Know
Day 1- Team Edward, – Bess That is

Cosmetic Companies abound but unfortunately some are disappearing before we ever get to try them! It was a sad day last year when Prescriptives left us and it was just announced last week that Shu Uemura is leaving the U.S. market (will still be available online). With this in mind, I would like to highlight a few brands that are high quality and that I feel are especially suited to women over 40.  This will be a series of posts featuring a different each brand every day for the next five says. The series is entitled Five Cosmetic Brands You Need To Know .  This week I’ve asked my beauty buddy JoeyBunny to talk about the brand Edward Bess–believe me she’s an expert and adorable as well! JoeyBunny has quite a reputation in the beauty blogging world, she posts for many beauty blogs and after reading her review, you’ll see why! So let’s get started! 

Week One–Edward Bess.

Hello Prime Beauties! I am so thrilled that Cindy is featuring me this week, so thank you dear, it’s a honor!

 Granted, I’m not in my prime yet, but I wanted to share my expertise on two very luxurious niche brands – Edward Bess and Paul and Joe. If you’ve read Pink Sith or The Beauty Look Book, you know that I have an unholy obsession with these two lines. They are glamorous, have colors that suit every skin tone, and come in textures that suit older women. For example, my 40+ year old boss loves these two lines as much as I do!

I’m going to start with Edward Bess’ eponymous makeup line. Edward Bess is makeup for the truly refined. There are no crazy colors or glitter in these products. Instead  they create a polished and classic look for the woman who knows what she wants. The product range is small (but has expanded quite a bit over the past year), but I truly feel that it encompasses every area of makeup one would need. A perfect example of this is the Ultra Luminous Eyeshadowrange. There are six colors ranging from the most perfect nude I have ever found to a deep satiny black. The eyeshadows have a sheen rather than an overt shimmer (they are ultra luminous!), making them appropriate for more mature eyes. The colors are never garish, and they apply like a dream – soft, satiny, easily blended, but they deliver a true impact. I am particularly fond of Dusk (a gorgeous deep neutral-to-cool taupe) and Mystery (an unique smoky neutral-to-cool brown). I am also a fan of the Edward Bess All Over Seduction, a creamy highlighter. I love that this highlighter does not sink into lines or pores, and it doesn’t have overt shimmer or glitter. You place this on your skin and your skin just glows! It comes in two colors, Sunlight (an opal sheen) and Afterglow(a more golden-bronze sheen). I currently own only Afterglow but I’ll be getting Sunlight soon! I love that these highlighters also layer well with the eyeshadows; I am fond of layering Escape eyeshadow (a warm bronzy brown) over Afterglow.

EB Dusk eyeshadow

Edward Bess is most well-known for the lip products: one cannot find a more classic lipstick formula than the Ultra Slick Lipstick. There are 14 shades in this line ranging from true nudes to sexy reds, and you are guaranteed to find at least one that you fall madly in love with! The lipsticks have a light fig scent, and their feel and lasting power is truly unique – they feel like a lip balm but they stay on. I love that when my lips are chapped the pigment doesn’t sink into cracks but rather glides over them. When I apply the lipsticks, they really make the most of my mouth; I have found that they wear for about 6 hours (with eating) which I think is excellent. In terms of the colors, I am particularly fond of Night Romance, a berry-mauve with enough punch to be noticeable but not so bright as to be garish.

Night Romance

The Deep Shine Lip Gloss is quite nice also – at this time, I only have one color: Deep Blossom, a reddish-mauve-brown color. The gloss isn’t too glossy, and I like that it is pigmented enough to wear alone. It is neither sticky nor goopy, but rather is lightly moisturizing and gives my lips a lush feeling. I’m currently eyeing Nude Satin, a brown-nude gloss.

Escape, Nude, Mystery & Intimate Eyeshadows, Afterglow, Night Romance lipstick, Deep Blossom gloss

I highly recommend any of the other products in this line, especially the Ultra Luminous Bronzer and the Compact Rouge. In terms of availability, Edward Bess’ products are available for phone order at Bergdorf Goodman or you can order from the Edward Bess website (www.edwardbess.com). Just a word about pricing: if you are not familiar with the Edward Bess line, you may experience a bit of sticker shock when you check the pricing of the products (the eyeshadows, for example, are $30 each). I will tell you that you are paying for the quality of the products, though – these are truly fabulous cosmetics. You really will feel luxurious and polished in these products, and that is worth the price tag of whatever you buy!

Next time, I’ll talk aboutPaul and Joe Beaute.