The Second Talk: Help For Menopausal Women

Every woman has experienced “the talk.” My mother wasn’t one for auditory teaching techniques so I read a lot of books. At about age 11 I received the book “White Gloves and Party Manners” which was supposed to teach me how to be a lady and practice proper etiquette. I loved that book; it made me feel so grown up!

Then the next year I received a box in the mail (addressed to ME no less) that contained a kit called “My First Period.” I believe it had a book or at least a pamphlet and a belt, pads, etc. Girls are SO lucky these days to have pads that stick in your underwear instead of those awful belts that resemble a G-string but are not the least bit sexy!! I always felt like I was wearing a diaper! What I would have given back then for panty liners with wings!!!

Now at this stage in my life, I’m ready for the second talk—the one about the Big M—menopause. Naturally, I turned again to my mother. When I started to experience symptoms of menopause I asked my mom for advice. The conversation went like this:

Me: Mom, how did you get through menopause?

Mom: I just stopped having a period, sweetie.

Me (incredulous): Didn’t you have hot flashes?

Mom: No

Me: Mood swings? Irritability?

Mom: No

Me: Insomnia? Night Sweats?

Mom: No, I just quit having a period.

Me: Thanks a lot, Ma big help

I think she’s lying about the irritability because I KNOW that’s why she wouldn’t let me go to the drive-in theatre with my boyfriend to see the Diana Ross movie Mahogany when I was 16. Not that I hold it against her or anything.

Unfortunately for me, it hasn’t been that easy. My journey has been challenging—I’m now in my sixth year of menopause. I had NO idea what I was in for.

I started peri-menopause in my late forties with terrible night sweats. I would have to change my pj’s sometimes 2-3 times a night. Covers off…covers on…covers off… covers on. A few years later the hot flashes started. I honestly don’t think men can ever understand what that is like—to go from perfectly comfortable to feeling like you are Joan of Arc being burned alive at the stake in two seconds flat. I suffered like this for more years than anyone should.

The Poise Brand has developed some spectacular products I literally cannot wait to purchase!! I SO wish I would have had Poise Body Cooling Towelettes or Body Cooling Gel a few years ago. It would have been so nice to rub a little cooling gel on my forehead, neck and chest. The Body Cooling Towelettes come in a re-sealable package that you throw in your handbag; it’s super convenient!! Why didn’t someone think of this sooner????

I had to figure out menopause for myself. It is way more complicated that just having a period; it seems as soon as one symptom disappears another one takes its place.

Thank goodness the Poise Brand wants to help women approach this life stage with confidence by being the first to start The 2nd Talk, a whole new way to talk about menopause and other wellness issues for women over 40 and introducing a new, first-of-its-kind line of over-the-counter menopause products designed to work naturally with her body and provide comfort from symptoms.

Poise wants to rally 1 million women to pledge to have The 2nd Talk by World Menopause Day on October 18. By joining the conversation, women will gain more menopause knowledge, support, and solutions. Since I am still experiencing symptoms, I’m going to join the conversation at

Not only is Poise providing a forum for women suffering from menopause but they are offering a fabulous sweepstakes too! You can win a $250 VISA Gift Card!! Poise wants to know “When do you feel most confident?” Answer in the comments to be entered for a chance to win.


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