10 Must Have Products in My Shower

As a beauty blogger, I’m always testing out products, but these 10 finds have taken up permanent space in my shower–yes, they’re THAT good. Let the countdown begin!

1. ToiletTree Fogless Shower Mirror ($30)–What’s a shower without a shower mirror?  The Boyfriend shaves in the shower and uses a mirror everyday. We had an old totally crappy one that was gross and disgusting until ToiletTreesent me their fantastic Fogless Shower Mirror! The BF said it was easy to install and the fog free claim is right on. You fill a reservoir with hot water from the shower and viola, it stays fog free! Other features include a shelf for your razor and the mirror pivots so you can adjust the height and angle which I like so I can use it with my Clarisonic. I honestly didn’t think I needed this, but now that I’ve been using it, I don’t want to be without it!

2. Bumble & Bumble Thickening Conditioner ($26)– Feather-light, this is the first conditioner I ever used that really doesn’t weigh my hair down. It rinses out clean–no residue, makes my hair soft and smells amazing. This bottle will last me a loooong time as you only need a small amount.

3. Gillette Venus Bikini Kit ($8)–this is the bikini trimmer from the set, it also comes with a Venus razor and a hydrating cream lotion. Ever since I discovered Venus Embrace razors, I won’t use anything else. Why it took until 2010 to invent this bikini trimmer I’ll never know, but I’m just glad it’s here–it works great! The only downside is that the trimmer is not sold separately and doesn’t come with replacement blades, so you have to purchase the kit each time.

4. Frederic Fekkai Color Technician Mask ($30)–I absolutely love this mask–it’s the best thing you can do for your color. It smells amazing, leaves hair soft and smooth and revives the color. You can see the jar is pretty beat up, that’s because it’s been in my shower for more than 6 months–I use it 2x/week sparingly and it’s lasted this long. See my review from almost a year ago!

5. DERMAdoctor KP Duty ($44)–the absolute BEST product for Keratosis Pilaris or “chicken skin”– those pesky, unsightly bumps on the back of your arms. As you can see I only have a sample tube and even though it is pricey, I’ll be buying the full size because it works! Use this scrub a few times a week followed by DERMAdoctor KP Duty Lotion (or probably any hydrating lotion) and you’re chicken skin will fly the coop! (sorry, couldn’t resist). Seriously, the scrub and lotion are dermatologist tested and pH balanced and they work! If you have bumpy skin for whatever reason, this product WILL get rid of it. Promise.

6. Philosophy Purity Cleanser ($20)–as you can see, this is pretty gone. I even added water to try to make it stretch further but that was a bad idea. It’s the best multi-purpose cleanser I’ve ever found, and I’ve probably been using it for the last 7 or 8 years. I keep it in the shower for it’s awesome eye makeup remover abilities and on those occasions when I don’t take my makeup off before bed (go ahead scold me), I use this in the shower. I won’t be without it, so there.

7. ME Shower Sherbet in Hawaiian Lei ($28)–OMG this is the best smelling thing on the planet–well almost. ME shower sherbets are sugar based scrubs that are packaged in a huge 16 oz. ice cream pint tub and smell so good you really will want to eat them. This is a heavy duty scrub so I don’t use it everyday. What I like about it aside from the smell, is that it lathers too and this flavor is blue–I just think that’s cool—whatever.

8. Olay Total Effects Anti-Aging Body Wash ($7)–Hmmm, I realized in writing this post, my exfoliation needs are vast! I have 3 body scrubs in my shower! The Olay body wash is for when I need a gentle bit of exfoliation with added moisture that lasts throughout the day. I really do love this stuff and it’s a good thing it’s cheap because it will always have a place in my shower. Read my full review here.

9. EOS Shave Cream ($4)– the best shave cream ever, it will change your life–or at least your legs. Review here.

10. Clarisonic ($195)–If you want to change your skin for the better and for the rest of your life, use the Clarisonic. There’s probably not a lot more I can say that hasn’t already been said about this product. Read my review and learn about the excellent customer service. I my opinion, every woman over 40 should own one.


11. Votre Vu On Holiday Moisturizing Body Oil ($49)–okay, this isn’t technically in my shower, but on a shelf in my bathroom because you apply it to slighty damp skin–like when you get out of the shower–n’est- ce pas? Since I’m on a stay-cation this year, On Holiday helps me to believe I am someplace luxe and tropical with its delcious scent made from apricot, almond and jojoba oils. A quick spritz and I’m transported to an exotic beach and bonus–I glisten! I’ve always wanted to glisten :)     Votre Vu has an entire On Holiday Huiler Pour Le Corps line up of products including a body scrub, shower gel and body milk.